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Testing compressed air

February 5, 2016 is National Wear Red Day® (US). While February 14 marks the annual Valentine’s Day celebrations, which are strongly associated with the color red, February 5 is actually a day to honor health. The American Heart Association (AHA) hosts National Wear Red Day® events, distributes useful […]

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#TRIAir Contest: Win an IPAD Mini

TRI Air Testing

#TRIAir Compressed Air Testing. It’s easy!  Just add a TRI link to your web page to let people know that you test your compressed air quality with TRI Air Testing!  Email the link to us at and you are entered in the drawing to win an […]

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Celebrating the Holidays with Food!


It’s hard to imagine any holiday time without it linked deeply to food and beverage. From reflective days like Memorial Day to indulgent holidays like Thanksgiving, the food we serve and the drinks we pour are a major part of how we receive and celebrate those holidays. […]

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10 Things to Do at DEMA Show 2015


The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) delivers one of the true must-attend events in the dive industry. DEMA brings together professionals and enthusiasts from all levels of the field—recreational, commercial, military, etc. Small shops, large shops, individuals—whomever. That is DEMA, and it is an enormous amount […]

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