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Talk about the Weather…and Compressed Air

Writing for Compressed Air Best Practices, a leading publication on the utilization of and issues impacting compressed air across a broad spectrum of industries, Ron Marshall offers a selection of technical guidance from two key publications by Compressed Air Challenge. His article, “How’s the Weather in Your

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Spicing Up Compressed Air Purity Testing

It’s hard to fathom the influence that basic spices, such as black pepper and cinnamon, have had upon the world; yet, from the end of the Middle Ages through the European “Age of Discovery” and into modern times, the spice trade has had an enormous impact on

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A Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Standardization is critical for manufacturing. A bolt made in Germany must fit perfectly with the threaded component made in Canada and then assembled in America. Without standardization this would not be possible. National standards organizations coordinate with their peers in other countries to insure that we all

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ISO and Compressed Air: Preserving Local Flavor for Chocolate and Coffee

A late-July interview between Nestle CEO Paul Bulcke and the International Standards Organization’s (ISO) publication ISO Focus+ addressed one of the most critical aspects of international standardization: how global stability in production, packaging, and shipping methods help secure local flavors in the market. Consumers in southern Europe,

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