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Diving In: TRI Visits Akumal Dive Shop

Turtles, fish, and reefs–OH MY! TRI Air Testing’s Donna Clark has just had the opportunity to visit and scuba dive with customer Akumal Dive Shop in Akumal, Mexico. Located along Mexico’s Caribbean shoreline, Akumal Dive Shop has helped expert and novice divers of all sorts explore this

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VIDEO: How Aluminum SCUBA Tanks Are Made

Normally we’d focus on compressed air…but we couldn’t help but enjoy this video from Worthington Cylinders on how aluminum SCUBA tanks are made. It’s a complex process, but the video breaks it down nicely and presents the information in a succinct and engaging format. You’ll see not

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Managing Moisture: SCBA, SCUBA and OSHA Air Quality

Moisture in the air is not in and of itself dangerous to breathe (so long as it isn’t condensed to liquid water), but it can be dangerous to the health of SCBA and SCUBA equipment users if that moisture interferes with the operation of that breathing air

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Win a Dive Vacation in Mexico!

TRI announces its latest contest: a DIVE Vacation in Mexico. The rules and mantra for this Triple Play come from our social media communities…and they’re also applicable to compressed air testing and breathing air quality checks: CONNECT. SHARE. REPEAT. 1. CONNECT with TRI Air Testing via Social

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Why wait? TRI Offers 24-Hour Turnaround Time

Compressed air testing is a vital component of many industries, both for verifying equipment functionality and ensuring personnel/client safety. From firehouses to diving centers, medical facilities to biotechnology corridors and military bases, the importance of compressed air testing continues to grow. Accuracy in compressed air testing is,

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