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Chocolate and Compressed Air

Chocolate rarely needs help getting off the shelf, but special days associated with chocolate (Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.), dramatically increase chocolate sales and gifting. In the case of Valentine’s Day, the increased interest is acute. Globally, more than $14 billion in chocolate sales occur around February

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Cheers to 2012!

Are you stocking up on food and drinks for New Year’s Eve or FOOTBALL parties?  Or getting ready to hit the gym in the New Year with bottled water?  The food/beverage industry uses compressed air for manufacturing, processing and packaging.  Food and beverage grade gases, for example,

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Compressed Air and Food Quality

High-quality compressed air is critical for providing food products that are not only cost effective to process but safe to eat. Compressed air is a universally accepted power distribution method in industry. The food manufacturing and processing industry uses compressed air in multiple operations. Compressed air provides

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